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Gorgeous Urban Bowl


Best Restaurants in Plano - Urban Crust Urban Bowl

Chef Tore's Urban Bowl looks almost as good as it tastes!

So what makes Urban Crust one of the five Best Restaurants in Plano? Well for one thing, Chef Tore is a real hoot AND he creates wonderful food in an atmosphere that makes you feel like you belong from the moment you walk in the place.

And the food. Oh my word. All you have to do is just look at this Urban Bowl with its ancient grains, mixed greens, cucumbers, tear drop tomatoes, sweet potato, garbanzo beans, peppadew peppers & portobellos and your brain begins tasting it before you even lift a fork. Adding tear drop tomatoes is certainly appropriate, because when they set his down before you, you'll be wiping away tears of joy. Then, they top it off with avocado and toss it with creamy white balsamic dressing!

What are you doing Tuesday? This Urban Bowl is the Tuesday's with Tore Special.

Best Restaurants in Plano TX


32 Degrees Bar Sets Atop Urban Crust - Best Restaurants in Plano


32 Degrees Ice Bar perched atop Urban Crust in Plano!


Fire and Ice! Urban Crust has fire down below to create their perfectly-crisp crust pizza and a rooftop ice bar above called “32 Degrees.” The third-floor ice bar is so named because the bartender pours the draft beers at a constant 32 degree temperature.

Liqueur taps pour Patron, Fireball, and a Craft On Draft Moscow Mule at -5 degrees. There's also a chilly strip of ice running the length of the bar where patrons can set their drinks to keep them cold.

What better place in Plano to watch the sunset and afterwards, catch some tunes courtesy of a DJ you know will be cool... it's an ice bar, after all.


Best Restaurants in Plano TX

5 Best Restaurants in Plano

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Can you name the 5 Best Restaurants in Plano?


When the meal has got to be just perfect, why take chances.

You can play Russian Roulette with hundreds of restaurant choices or select from just five absolutely extraordinary culinary teams.

Over the next few weeks, you can get to know the inside scoop on what makes Knife, Mi Dia From Scratch, The Keeper, Urban Crust and Yao Fuzi Cuisine the 5 best restaurants in Plano, Texas.

We’ll introduce you to the guys who pull the strings and take a peek over the chef’s shoulder. Then, in great detail, we’ll tempt you with fabulous culinary creations complete with delectable photography.

Stop back often. You wouldn’t want to miss anything, now would you?


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